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It's bedtime, and you have to go to sleep. Too bad your room is full of monsters.

This game was created using GameMaker Studio 2 over a few weeks in August of 2020 for the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) August Summer Slow Jam. The technical theme was "horror" and the creative theme was "don't let it out"

This game is still a work-in-progress; its play style was heavily inspired by the great (and creepy) Rusty Lake series.

Our design concept puts you, the player, in the role of a young child heading to bed. You would normally begin with the lights on and while you could freely look around your bedroom, trying to interact with anything would be stopped by your mother as a distant voice scolding you to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

Once you do turn out the lights, suddenly monsters appear, and you must then solve a series of puzzle chains in order to ward off the monsters.

The latest build contains three monsters with corresponding puzzle chains. We do intend on finishing this game as conceptualized, as such there are a few loose elements from other puzzles you may also stumble upon in this build.

We appreciate you trying out our game, and we hope you'll return to enjoy the full experience once completed!

Player Input:

  • Mouse and Left Click for movement and interactions
  • F5 to restart
  • ESC to quit


Technical Notes:

  • This game was programmed at a default 1920x1080 resolution and coded around the 16:9 aspect ratio. Playing on a display with a different ratio may produce undesired visual issues.
  • As mentioned above, this is a work-in-progress build, so there very likely will be bugs; hopefully nothing that will severely detract from your enjoyment.


Lights Out - SSJ2020.zip 54 MB

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